What is Ionic Detox Foot Bath and How Does it Work? + Reviews

ionic detox foot bath how does it work

Ionic foot bath is a popular device for detoxification of the body. You can find many different variants of this appliance, but which are actually useful? Let us learn more about it!

What is Ionic Foot Detoxification?

Scientists believe that all the pollution in our body, accumulated in the internal organs, goes down through blood vessels; straight into feet. As there are thousands of pores in soles, your body tries to push toxins out from them. That is a natural process. However, nowadays there are too many sources of pollution.

Junk food, industrialization, contaminated air and water become reasons of the pollution of not only environment, but also our own organisms.

All these toxins and heavy metals that accumulate in your body are charged ions that (due to their chemical properties) tend to bound with healthy cells and minerals. This leads to a bad deionization, as many useful substances that your body needs become toxic with the presence of these ions.

Considering mentioned, it would be good if you could get some structures that would easily bound with these toxic ions and come out of the body immediately. That is what ionic foot detoxification is.

We all enjoy strolling in the surf of the sea, breezing in the magnificent and pleasant salty air. That is not only because of warmness of the sun and coolness of waves, but also due to the presence of ions. They penetrate through your feet straight into blood, reacting with harmful toxins and pulling them off your body. That is how foot detox works. After a few days at the seaside, you feel rested and light thanks to the ionization.

How Does Ionic Detox Foot Bath Work?

Detox foot bath, basically, works just as seawater. The only difference is that the bath is even more effective. It makes a whole lot of ions penetrate into your feet. They are transported to all the internal organs with blood, where each ion bounds with present toxins. After that, these structures are taken back into feet, where they come out through thousands of pores.

The thing is, even a simple distilled water contains a huge concentration of ions, which makes it the best natural source of it. Foot bath only activates these ions and forces them to move into veins.

All you have to do is turn on the bath and fill it with some warm water. Put your feet in for a half of an hour and you will actually feel how your body is being cleaned and refreshed.

Ionic Foot Bath Colors

One important feature of ionic foot bath is that you can see yourself, what organ contained the most toxins. After a 30 minutes procedure, the water in the bath will take a certain color.

Let us describe the means of each in the ionic foot bath color chart:

  • If the water turns this color, it means you have had many toxins in liver and gallbladder. Usually it is due to excessive alcohol consumption or asthma.
  • Black blots also stand for liver problems or diabetes.
  • Brown means detoxification after smoking, excessive weight or dead cells.
  • This color is often associated with inflammations of muscles, rheumatism, joint problems.
  • Red spots mean the presence of clots or a high pressure.
  • White spots stand for various enzyme problems, such as the deficiency of water, headaches, insomnia, bad blood circulation etc.
  • White bubbles (or foam) on the other hand mean that you have had a poisoning of the lymphatic system or some skin allergy.
  • Dark green. This color means there were toxins in digestive system, gallbladder or cardiovascular system. Lighter color stands for poor immunity.
  • Green-yellow color stands for detoxification of kidney and bladder.

However, this does not mean that each color stands for a diseases or something. Only if you notice the water in bath being the same after each procedure, you should consult with a doctor.

Ionic Foot Bath Benefits

The most visible benefit of using ionic foot bath is feeling good, obviously. Nothing can compare to resting and relaxing after a stressful day at work. No matter what kind of activity you have had, a few minutes with a foot bath will make you feel extremely unwind.

Nevertheless, there are many benefits for health that detoxification causes. Ionic foot bath helps to:

  • Remove unpleasant body odors;
  • Significantly activate the functions of reproductive system;
  • Eliminate cellulite;
  • Generally rejuvenate all body systems;
  • Normalize the work of intestines, remove psychological fatigue;
  • Dissolve various tumors;
  • Increase immunity;
  • Remove swelling;
  • Improve sleep;
  • Improve blood circulation, lower blood cholesterol level;
  • Relieve spasms of internal organs;
  • Fight allergies;
  • Reduce the sugar level by several units;
  • Reduce pain during menstrual period;
  • Normalize pressure;
  • Fight herpes, hepatitis, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Promote the dissolution of stones in kidney and gallbladder;
  • Improve complexion;
  • Fight headaches and inflammations in joints.

This list contains benefits for all of the body. That is because toxins are one of the most important reasons of any health problems, starting from insomnia, ending with diabetes. Therefore, ionic detoxification is a unique way of health improvement.

Ionic Foot Detox Side Effects

With all these benefits, there are also some contraindications of using detox foot bathes.

List of contraindications:

  • Having pacemakers;
  • Organ transplantations;
  • Pregnancy and nursing;
  • Psychological diseases;
  • Heart surgery;
  • Feet wounds or inflammations.

If you have none of these, you should not worry about any side effects, as there is none. Natural ions from water cannot harm you in any way.

Best Ionic Foot Detox Machine

We have studied many reviews and comments about ionic foot detox machines.

Now, according to those, we have made a list of TOP 3 best:

  1. FOOT SPA DETOX MACHINE from Better Health Company. It has a low price and a nice rating of 4.7/5.
  2. HealthandMed Foot Bath Spa Machine, Ionize Me Elite Ionic Detox. Being twice more expensive, this machine is not as popular as a previous one, but it also has a rating of 4.7.
  3. ZEN Living FS1000 Ionic Cleanse Foot Chi Spa Machine. This one has a convenient computer that allows you to control the level of detoxification. Also, the price is not a big one, and the rating is 4.3.

The prices and reviews were mostly taken from Amazon, so you can be sure about nonprofit comments.

Find out more about foot detox:

Ionic detoxification is a nice and unique way of improving your health. Foot bathes have so many benefits and so little contraindications, you can harmlessly use them as much as you want. The procedure is easy and relaxing. Once you have tried it, you will never refuse.


  1. There is nothing that makes me feel more comfortable and relaxed, but this ionic foot bath. Even most of massages for feet do not have the same effect as this device does!

  2. I find the ionic foot bath a very useful and pleasant thing. I have diabetes, and my sugar level has decreased by 1.8 after a week of detoxing. Moreover, it helps me relax really nice.

  3. I have had insomnia for more than a year. Nothing could had helped me, until I found the detox ionic bath. It is so easy to use, yet really effective. I simply don’t remember sleeping so well (having two children, you girls know what I mean).

  4. I have been using an ionic foot bath for more than three years. This thing has been helping me with all my skin imperfections. It is rather interesting how bathing your feet helps you get rid of acne.

  5. My ionic foot bath is a miraculous answer to any health problem. When I feel sick for any reason, I combine medical treatment with detoxing. As the result, I can get back to work much earlier than I would have done it without a footbath.

  6. I used to have regular headaches due to my hypertension. No drugs could have helped me when that pain struck. So, I tried an ionic footbath, and after a month of regular using, my headaches are gone.

  7. I love ionic foot bathing! I use it every evening before going to sleep. This way I have no bad dreams, as I relax nicely. Moreover, menstrual pains are also reduced significantly.


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