How to Perform a Foot Soak with Vinegar, Listerine and Mouthwash

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Every day is a hard day for your feet. They have to carry you for more than 12 hours with all your happiness and adversity. That is why they deserve a nice rest, and foot soak fits best for it.

Vinegar Foot Soak

Vinegar is the most popular ingredient for a foot tub. It has a nice healing and relaxing effect. Such soaking is good for prevention and curing fungus, calluses, unpleasant odor, varicose and corns. Of course, it will also let your feet rest.

Unlike cosmetic procedures with skin and hair, for which only natural apple cider vinegar is suitable, foot tubs can be made with a regular one (less than 9%).

The easiest way to perform such soaking is simply to add a glass of vinegar to 5 liters of warm water and place feet in the resulting solution for 30-45 minutes. If desired, you can add a few drops of any essential oil to the tub, which will help, among other things, to soften and moisten the skin of your feet.

Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak

Depending on what problem you have, you can use apple cider vinegar or its regular analogue for the tub. However, if you have fungus, it is better to take the first one. To make the tub the most effective, it is important to choose the right product.

Experts recommend using 5% apple cider vinegar with a brown precipitate, which is considered a sure sign of high quality and the presence of a sufficient number of additional medical nutrients.

Unlike a regular vinegar, you may add apple sider one in 1:1 proportion with water. Try different quantities to see which one gives you the best result.

Foot Soak With Vinegar

Before using foot tubs with vinegar, it is recommended to wash your feet thoroughly with soap and dry them with a towel. The result of acidic vinegar soaking is the destruction of fungus, as well as the softening of skin and removal of corns.
The vinegar soak will be effective only in conditions of regular repetition of the procedure. It is best to perform soaking for one week every day (once or twice). After these seven days, you may reduce the amount to three times per week.
There are some contraindications of foot soak with vinegar, such as:

  • Increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • Wounds, scratches, sores on the feet;
  • Pregnancy.

Before performing a tub, consult with your doctor. Perhaps, your problems are more serious, and you need a professional medical treatment.

Vinegar and Mouthwash Foot Soak

It might sound rather odd, but you can indeed use your regular mouthwash for feet care. If you think about it, there is nothing strange. Mouthwash is made with lots of different components that together remove plaques and fight various diseases of oral cavity. Even though foot skin problems have a different nature, symptoms are somewhat resembling.

To perform such a soak, make a tub with water, vinegar and mouthwash in proportions of 2, ½ and ½. Put your feet in this solution for 30-35 minutes and rinse them after.

From the very first time, your foot skin will become soft and tender. It will also smell freshly. Moreover, most diseases will disappear completely.

Foot Soak with Listerine

Listerine is the most popular mouthwash. The reason, amongst others, is the unique composition of this remedy. For foot soak, you may use any kind of Listerine. Basically, make your choice as if you were looking for a mouthwash for, well, mouth washing.
Mouthwash effectively kills all microbes and bacteria under nails, which are the reasons of an unpleasant odor. Moreover, even fungus and varicose are healed with Listerine.

Listerine Footbath

The use of Listerine is quite the same as for any other mouthwash. However, you may use it even without vinegar. Such tub will not be able to heal serious diseases as effectively as the one with vinegar, but the basic result will still be there. That is a nice smell, soft skin and no more corns.
Half of a glass of Listerine will be more than enough for the tub. The contraindications are the same as for vinegar. Do not perform a foot soak if you have any scratches or wounds.

Vinegar and Listerine Footbath

This one is completely the same as for a regular mouthwash. You might need less Listerine, however. Say, ¼ of a glass should be enough. Add it to the solution of water and vinegar made in the proportion of 4:2.

Vinegar will enhance the healing and cleaning effects of Listerine. Both these components are good for feet care, and together they become a powerful remedy.

Make sure you put your feet in a tub for no longer than 30 minutes. If you perform it only for softening and relaxing, 10-15 minutes is more than enough.
A nice warm tub after a long day at work is a thing your feet deserve. Add some vinegar and mouthwash to it, and you have not only a relaxing procedure, but healing as well. Most of foot skin problems will disappear from the first time. If they do not, ask your doctor about some medicine you may use to add to the tub.


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