How To Perform Ayurvedic Foot Massage At Home

ayurvedic massage at home

Namaste! Today we will learn how to perform a foot yoga massage for men. Such massage is really helpful and useful for everyone, as it helps to keep your body strong and healthy. Also, it stimulates your relationship and prosperity.

This massage does not require any special equipment. All you need is a bottle of organic oil, such as vegetable, olive etc. We use sesame oil, as it fits any skin type. You may also use it for any other massage.

Let the man lay down on his belly. Put some cylinder-shaped pillow or anything like that under his legs as use see it on the photo. Make sure it is convenient for him.

spread oil on man’s feet

Now put some oil on your palms; do not use too much. Then spread it on man’s feet by stroking movements. You may also do it for calf muscles.

pull the leg slightly

Try to pull the leg slightly so that it gets relaxed. Imagine that you need to pull it from pelvis. You may also stroke it while performing this exercise.

rub the heel by circulating movements

Rub the heel by circulating movements. It should not be painful at all. The thing is to make it relaxing and pleasant.

use your fist to stretch the foot

After that, use your fist to stretch the foot. Just move it downwards from heel to toes. Make 10-12 movements. It is important to hold the foot with another hand. If you do not, this exercise may be painful. Always speak to your partner and ask him whether everything is ok. This rule is important for any kind of massage.

rub the outer side of the foot

Now rub the outer side of the foot with your knuckles. You may also do it with the inner side of your palm.

stretch the center of the foot

Use your thumb to stretch the center of the foot. Imagine that this finger is a tentacle, and you want to get inside of the foot.

stretch the same area

Then use the bottom of your palm to stretch the same area. Sacred books say that if a woman does a massage to her man, she controls all of his virtues. That is why it is important to perform it only for loved ones.

stretch the heel with palm edges

Repeat the circulating movements on the heel, as we have done it before. Then stretch it with palm edges as seen on the photo. Make sure you do everything with pleasure. If not, the whole effect may dissolve.

rub your man’s toes

After you have done all the exercise for feet, rub your man’s toes. Twist and bend it in different directions, then pull it slightly. Toes may slip a bit because of oil, so make sure you hold them nicely. Imagine that you pull it all the way from the head to make the result better.

gently press and twist kidney’s spot

Find the spot on foot’s center. Just divide it in two vertically and in three horizontally. We need center of the third horizontal line. There are some natural lines on foot. This spot is kidney. So, gently press and twist it with your thumb. Kidney’s spot is responsible for money. The more you twist, the more you get! In addition, this spot has an effect on relationship. The massage itself (no matter what kind) improves it, and this spot makes it even better.

hold the leg and pull it

Hold the leg and pull it alternately with your hands. You may start pulling from calf muscles and go down to the foot itself. Then move your hand from the heel, up to the top, and then back downwards.

rub the Achilles tendon

Rub the Achilles tendon and the area around it. Just stroke it gently, applying minimum force.

use your thumb to press all the foot

Now use your thumb to press all the foot. Every spot you press is responsible for some organ. This means the more you press, the better man’s health will be. He will feel as his sight gets relaxed, depression fades away. If you grope any hardening, stretch it more.

gently press the heel

Repeat the exercises we have mentioned above, if you feel any need. Then put the foot as you see it on the photo and gently press the heel. This way toes will relax completely. Make the whole massage for another foot.

Advantages of Ayurvedic Foot Massage

Ayurvedic yoga massage has a favorable and stimulating influence on the entire body, not only on feet. There are thousands of nerve endings on foot’s plantar surface that affect the central nervous system. This way the general condition of a person may be changed with right stimulation. This is what foot reflexology is.

If you implement a nice and direct impact on reflex points, ayurvedic yoga massage helps to normalize internal organs. In addition, such massage fights any manifestation of fatigue, improves blood circulation and enhances nutrition and excretion of metabolic products.

Yoga foot massage improves sleep, increases vitality and helps with irritability, depression, reduced immunity.

Any kind of massage is a very private process. It is important that the one who performs it, actually likes it and wants his/her partner to feel good. Ayurvedic foot massage is no exception. When you make it, you stimulate your man’s health and happiness. This means he trusts you his body and his soul. So do it with love and for love!

DIY: Ayurvedic Foot and Toes Massage

how to do ayurvedic foot massage

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