How to Do Self-Massage for Face Lifting at Home

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Any kind massage is an important procedure for health. So as a facial massage. If you want your face to look pretty and be healthy, this short easy-to-do technique we are about to learn is just what you need.

Our face massage can be performed yourself at home. You need no special knowledge or skills. Just half an hour of free time. The course contains 10-15 sessions, one per two days. Such massage helps to fight facial swelling, moisturize and nourish your skin, correct wrinkles.

Before begin the face self-massage procedure, make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. Seat down on a sofa, turn on a calm music and smile

First of all, put some oil on your skin. This may be any kind of natural oil, as we have mentioned in another article about ayurvedic feet massage. The same works here. Just make sure you do not have any allergic reaction.

rub oil nicely

Spread the oil evenly on your face and neck. Use as much as you need. You should rub it nicely, but do it accurately.

sliding your palms to temples

Let us begin. Start the massage by repeating the following set of movements. First, sliding your palms to temples from the forehead and nose bridge through cheekbones. Then go back up.

move your palms to earlobes

Then slide up from the bottom of your chin towards lips’ corners. Then move your palms to earlobes.

slide down to your collarbones

Now, slide down to your collarbones. Repeat everything mentioned for about 5 times. Such movements remove any swelling, improve skin color and prepare your face for further massage.

rub your skin from bridge to chin

Now slightly rub your skin from bridge to chin. Use your palms’ ribs. Also, stroke the lower jaw. Then slide down to your collarbones again. This way we get rid of any swelling completely. In addition, your skin relaxes nicely. Repeat these movements if you need or want to. The more you make it, the better the effect.

rub your skin between nose and lips

Rub your skin between nose and lips with sliding movements. Use both of your hands alternately. Imagine you try to pull your lips.

move to periorbital area

Then move to periorbital area. By gentle rubbing movements, slide around your eyes. This easy and simple exercise helps a lot to fight any wrinkles and dark circles. Also, remember to rub your eyebrows.

stroke your temples with fingertips

While performing these previous movements, stroke your temples with fingertips. Moreover, you need to push a bit on any deepening. This way we improve blood circulation in so-called points of beauty.

some vibrating movements in eyebrows area

Make the same exercise, but add some vibrating movements in eyebrows area. By doing so, you lift them nicely.

smooth your forehead

Smooth your forehead with your hands. Move them perpendicularly to wrinkles. Start from eyebrows and move upwards to your hair. Remember to use all of your fingers. Then do the same in parallel.

rubbing movements below your chin

Now let us go ahead to rubbing movements below your chin. Use two fingers and move them circularly. Do the same for skin around the chin, lips, on the nose and under eyes. Repeat the same rubbing movements on your forehead as well, then temples and cheeks.

slightly tap

The next exercise is something different. Use your fingertips and slightly tap them all around your face and neck. This way we stimulate vessels, irritate the nerve receptors, improve skin color and tone. In addition, it helps your cells to emit any toxins. Repeat these movements for a couple of times. Feel as it helps your skin to relax.

use this movement everyday when you apply a facial cream. This way you will not stretch the skin

rub all the skin

Let us rub all the skin again. Try not to forget about any area. Do it for the whole face and neck, as we have done before. If you need to get rid of wrinkles, do not hesitate to rub such area more.

remove swelling

Now, repeat the sliding movements we have been doing in the beginning. This way we will remove swelling and help your skin relax after a long massage.

tweak hard-to-reach areas

The next exercise is tweaking. Try to grab as much skin as you can with your fingers. Do not tweak too hard, but make sure you feel it. Also, you cannot do it painfully with oil on your face. Start from the chin and move upwards. Pay special attention to your cheeks.

Tweak hard-to-reach areas, such as nasolabial folds, bridge and skin between eyebrows. Pay attention to you wrinkles and tweak them more. Do it perpendicularly to a wrinkle. Repeat as much as needed.

rubbing basic facial muscles

This exercise is actually rubbing basic facial muscles. Use one hand (left one on the photo) to hold your skin. Rub it with the other one. Do it for nasolabial folds, temples andskin between eyebrows on both sides of your face.

put your palms on a lower jaw

Put your palms on a lower jaw as you see it on the photo. Press it nicely to create some kind of vacuum there. Then rapidly remove hands. Perform the same exercise for cheeks and temples.

stimulate vessels

Then do it for chin and forehead. Repeat all the movements twice. This way we also stimulate vessels, improve skin tone and color, fight swelling.

make an acupressure

Now we make an acupressure. This means we affect special nerve endings. The first one is a chin area (as seen on the photo). Just press it nicely with three fingers for a couple of seconds. Then we do the same for lips’ corners, cheeks near nose.

acupressure on eyebrows

Use one finger on each hand to perform acupressure on eyebrows.

top of your forehead

Then four fingers to press on the top of your forehead. Repeat all the acupressure two more times. Also, do it once for earlobes.

stroke all areas gently

Now stroke all those areas gently. Rub a little, if needed.

improve your face oval

The last exercise we are about to perform is needed for chin lift. If you have a double chin, this will help to fight it. Also, it can improve your face oval. All you need to do is use your palms as saws. Just rub your chin and lower jaw as you see it on the photo. Move your palms in opposite directions to enhance the effect. Repeat it for a minute.

slightly slap the chin

Now slightly slap the chin and cheeks with your palm to relax it.

stroke your face and neck

Finally, stroke your face and neck as we have done before. Needed to say, this way we also remove water from your skin, meaning the overall swelling will disappear.

So, there we go! Repeat this facial massage once per two days and you will see the effect from the first time! If you make it regularly, your face will become both beautiful and healthy. Any swelling or wrinkles will disappear completely. Combine this massage with a proper diet, and your body will always stay pretty and hale.

Self Facial Massage At Home For Face Lifting Without Surgery

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