Back Massage With Honey For Your Health And Beauty

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Honey has a lot of beneficial features for health. And it is not only about consuming it. Using this substance for a massage is also an excellent idea for everyone. Throughout this simple tutorial you will learn a basic technique of such procedure.

Back Rub Technique Using Honey

All you need to make it is just a bowl of natural honey without additives, no special equipment or anything like this will be used. Notice that you can make a honey massage not only for back skin, but for any other body part (face, hands, legs etc.). Therefore, you can do it yourself.

put some honey on the back

At first, put some honey on the back along the spine. Any honey massage is done only like this. Be aware of that you should not cover the spine itself with honey!

spread the honey

Spread the honey on the back, making some stroking movements. Make sure you have covered all the back and shoulders.

honey starts to go through skin

At the beginning, as the honey starts to go through skin tissue help it with clapping movements. Put the whole palm on the body when you do it. Do not remove the hand too fast so that it is not painful. The honey will become stickier as it continues to go through skin, which is normal. When this happens, reduce the area of contact between palms and skin. Continue making clapping movements a little faster, as on this step it will not hurt.

The period of time for this massage may vary, depending on a skin type. Someone will need 15-20 minutes, someone less before the honey starts getting white. But before this happens, try to massage as fast as you can, because sooner or later the procedure will start being painful. So, you should always ask a man or woman who you make it for, whether it hurts or not.

white substance appears on the back

This white substance that appears on the back and on your palms is salt and cellular debris from pores. Any natural honey contains a lot of B vitamins, acids and other microelements. Such elements are easily absorbed by skin. So, it gains a lot of healthy structures, and anything bad goes away. This fact makes honey massage an indispensable procedure both for health and for cosmetology.

skin may turn red a little

After some time skin may turn red a little, and that is ok. But make sure the procedure is still not painful.

the massage may become really painful

Slowly, the skin will turn red completely, and there will be a lot of these white substances. On this step the massage may become really painful.

A piece of advice: to avoid pain caused by making honey massage on the late stage, touch the skin not with your palms, but only with fingertips. Continue doing this for another couple of minutes before finishing the whole process.

When you decide to finish, do not go to shower immediately. If you want to have the best result after massage, you should use a towel soaked in hot water. Squeeze it nicely and clean the back by neat gently rubbing movements. Try to sop all the honey. By doing so, you will leave pores open, so the skin will breeze and your body will stay fresh.

Benefits Of Honey On Heath And Skin

Such honey massage is really useful for everyone’s health, especially when you have a depression, insomnia, neuroses. It is as it is because of those B vitamins that are key elements for your nervous system. In addition, honey cleans vessels, improves blood and lymph circulation, supports nutrition of internal organs with oxygen. Melting honey is a beautiful remedy for skin and body detox. Another one health benefit of honey is that this type of rub is a powerful therapy for depression and anxiety.

Make honey massage when you struggle from overweight, cellulite deposition, any nuances in your figure you would like to fix.

Notice, that if you want to increase the effect of making honey massage, you should drink more water. Combining these to simple acts will restore the balance of microelements in your body. By the way, drinking a normal amount of water is much more necessary than you might think. It cleans your cells and helps them get rid of any toxic or other harmful elements. Honey will clean the skin, and water will provide its metabolism. As the result, you will look younger and healthier, and any skin imperfections may fade away.

However, in several occasions it is not recommended to do it, such as:

  • Having any neoplasms (as the massage will only enhance it);
  • Suffering from painful sensations in the body (especially in internal organs and pelvic organs);
  • Having any type of skin deceases;
  • Personal intolerance of honey.

If you want to achieve the best result, make a honey massage periodical. Do it maximum two times a week. However, you will see the improvements from the very first time! Your skin will become beautiful, nice and silky. Also, your body will get a lot of additional vitamins and nutrients. This way you will not only be more beautiful, but really healthier!

Making Back Honey Massage At Home Step By Step

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